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Raja(King) Rani(Queen) means Royals in every way. Raja Rani Indian Restaurant serves over 200+ dishes from south Indian cuisine. If you are someone craving for flavorful Indian food do drop by to feel a royal service and authentic Indian food.


Our Specialist Cuisine

South Indian Cuisine

Explore the vibrant flavors of South Indian cuisine. From dosas, sambar to biryani, discover traditional recipes and modern twists on classic dishes.

North Indian Cuisine

Experience the flavors of North Indian cuisine with our authentic recipes. Let us help you explore the flavors and spices of India with our dishes!

Tandoor Items

We have an extensive selection of dishes made in traditional clay ovens that will tantalize your taste buds. Our tandoor items are sure to please.

Indo Chinese Cuisine

Our chefs bring you the best in authentic Chinese dishes with an Indian twist. Enjoy our wide variety of flavorful and savory dishes.

About Us

Our Story Make History

Raja Rani, literally mean “King & Queen” which reminds us about the rich history of India. We named the restaurant Raja Rani to bring in the exact flavor of food that we served the Kings and Queens of India. Also the royal service they received.

Indian spices symbolizes the diverse cultures and each spice has a unique value and aroma. We have crafted a menu that contains 200+ items that was made with a perfect blend of spices and aroma to take your Indian food experience to the next level.

Be it our Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken, Saag or Biryani, Idli, crispy Dosa we bring in the authentic North & South Indian food with exact flavor and spices that we used to make it back “home”.

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Special Deals

Party Recommendations

1 - Small Tray Biryani
1 - 16oz Appetizer
1 - 16oz Curry
2 - Naan
1 - 8oz Dessert


/ chicken

1 - Half Tray Biryani
1 - 32oz Appetizer
1 - 32oz Curry
4 - Naan
1 - 16oz Dessert


/ person

1 - Medium Tray Biryani
1 - small tray Appetizer
1 - Small tray Curry
6 - Naan
1 - 32oz Dessert


/ person

1 - Large Tray Biryani
1 - Half Tray Appetizer
1 - Half Tray Curry
8 - Naan
1 - small tray Dessert


/ person


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